Demon A Day

Delaware Fun-A-Day art challenge accepted! (Again)

What is the Delaware Fun-A-Day challenge? Create a piece of art a day for the challenge month. This challenge asks participants to create art during the month of July. For this one, I’ll be creating a DEMON A DAY. Each day I’ll feature a demonic figure from different folklore and mythology. I’ve been doing some research to make sure there is a link to folklore for each figure I create.

Demonlogy Research!

Today, July 4, the demon is Lilith. Lilith is based in Jewish folklore. In biblical lore she was made from the same clay as Adam, and was his first wife before Eve. Lilith was cast out for demanding that she was equal to Adam. (The lore varies from cheating to disobeying Adam, but the general idea is the same.) Lilith/Lilit translates from Hebrew to “night hag” or “screech owl.” There are ties to a Mesopotamian Lilith (which may or may not be related) that grew from a tree, and relates to owls. I added screech owl feathers on her collar and a crown of branches. She is described in the Zohar, Leviticus 19A as “a hot fiery female who first cohabitated with man.”

Demon A Day: Lilith
4×6″, watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper