New Live Sketching on Twitch + New Painting

I have another live video creating a portrait sketch from the Sktchy app on my Twitch channel. Go to TWITCH.TV/UGLYSTEPSISTER to view it. Please watch and follow me there! My streaming art channel is just a fledgling now, but I have big plans in store! And here is an alcohol ink painting I started toContinue reading “New Live Sketching on Twitch + New Painting”

Thursday Night Portrait Session

Who worked an 11 hour shift at work, came home and did a live drawing session? THIS LADY. I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from a new drawing app. Tonight I drew something based on an “inspiration” photo. Below is the finished product, along with a short¬† in process video. The full streaming videoContinue reading “Thursday Night Portrait Session”

Live Drawing on Twitch!

As I briefly mentioned in the last post, I started a Twitch channel. I added my first live drawing on Twitch. Below is the finished piece, “Flower Boy.” CLICK HERE to visit my Twitch channel.   I plan to develop my channel to include painting tutorials, giveaways, and live auctions. If you have a TwitchContinue reading “Live Drawing on Twitch!”

Boo Who?

The countdown to my favorite holiday is T minus 5 days: HALLOWEEN. I’ve been having a witchy period. That’s why this week’s Illustration Friday theme was perfect for me.¬†CLICK HERE to see my submission and give it a Facebook “like.” And a few updates. First of all, I have a new domain name for thisContinue reading “Boo Who?”