Secret Santa Portrait Reveal

Finally! Today is the day! I can post this lovely portrait I did for the Sktchy app’s Secret Santa art exchange. I sent the piece off 2 weeks ago, but couldn’t post it until today to keep the surprise. We were provided a small piece of cardstock for the project.  I treated the cardstock they provided with watercolor grounds before painting over it, which gave it a fun texture.

Merry Artmas!

Sktchy Art Exchange


Secret Santa Art Exchange!

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I joined the SKTCHY app, and I’m digging it. It’s a great way to connect with other visual artists. I joined their Secret Santa art exchange this year. I just finished my piece, and I’m dropping it in the mail today. I really like how it turned out. The catch? I can’t post it online until December 21st, or I’ll spoil the surprise! Well, my cheating heart can’t staunchly agree to that, so here is a little teaser of my finished piece. Check the website on December 21st when I reveal the whole painting.

Sktchy Art Exchange teaser image
I see you shiver with antici…pation. 

In the meantime, if you’re part of the SKTCHY app you can follow me HERE.

Quick Live Drawing Session

It’s getting to be snuggle in your pj’s under a mound of blankets weather here on the east coast. I bundled up in a ridiculous Hello Kitty onesie tonight and drew a quick rendition of myself as Death the Endless.

More drawing videos are on my Twitch channel- TWITCH.TV/UGLYSTEPSISTER

New Live Sketching on Twitch + New Painting

I have another live video creating a portrait sketch from the Sktchy app on my Twitch channel. Go to TWITCH.TV/UGLYSTEPSISTER to view it. Please watch and follow me there! My streaming art channel is just a fledgling now, but I have big plans in store!

lavender haired girl portrait sized for web
Finished piece from the Twitch channel. Micron pen and marker. 

And here is an alcohol ink painting I started to demonstrate different techniques for a recent class. It started with a “ghost stamping” technique, with layered painting using a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Below is the end result.

space witch watermarked
“Space Witch,” Alcohol ink, stamps on yupo paper. 



Thursday Night Portrait Session

Who worked an 11 hour shift at work, came home and did a live drawing session? THIS LADY. I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from a new drawing app. Tonight I drew something based on an “inspiration” photo. Below is the finished product, along with a short  in process video. The full streaming video is there beginning to end on my Twitch channel . CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK.

“Vamp.” Marker, micron pen on paper.

And a short clip from the live drawing session tonight.



Live Drawing on Twitch!

As I briefly mentioned in the last post, I started a Twitch channel. I added my first live drawing on Twitch. Below is the finished piece, “Flower Boy.” CLICK HERE to visit my Twitch channel.

“Flower Boy” Marker, Micron pen on gray toned paper.


I plan to develop my channel to include painting tutorials, giveaways, and live auctions. If you have a Twitch account, please follow me there!

Boo Who?

The countdown to my favorite holiday is T minus 5 days: HALLOWEEN.

I’ve been having a witchy period. That’s why this week’s Illustration Friday theme was perfect for me. CLICK HERE to see my submission and give it a Facebook “like.”

witch watermarked

And a few updates. First of all, I have a new domain name for this site! Use to visit the site directly now. Secondly, I have a shiny new Twitch channel. For those who don’t know what Twitch is, it”s a channel to stream video. Traditionally, it’s used to stream game play, but artists have begun to see it as a tool to make visual art more interactive. I’ll be going live for live painting sessions and tutorials. CLICK HERE to go to my Twitch page.

Summer’s Gone

“Cue to your face so forsaken 
Crushed by the way that you cry 
Cue to your face so forsaken 
Say goodbye” 

2 things to share with all of your in internetland.

First off, there is just one more week for my artist scavenger hunt! If you don’t know what that’s all about, I have hidden my artist business cards up and down the Northeast coast this summer. Locations include Montreal, QB, Northern and Southern Delaware, Burlington, VT, and Albany, NY. If you find one contact me through my website or Facebook page to claim a free custom piece of art! I will continue to hide more of the art business cards in northern Delaware until the end of August.

Secondly, my second (and final) destination of my summer travels was the Lewes/Rehobeth beaches. Below are a few sketches and paintings inspired by and done on my travels. The alcohol ink painting was inspired by visiting the Zwaanendael Museum where I discovered the Merman of Lewes.

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Poe Finds a New Home

One of my art jewelry pieces is off to a new home! The Poe headband features a E.A. Poe painting set in a lightweight silver cameo frame, and is mounted on a black sequined headband.

You can see more of my art jewelry (and hand-painted coasters, original artwork, and prints) at my shop HERE.

Friday the 13th- May the Spooky Be With You

It’s Friday the 13th! Hail, hail all things spooky!

Now on to a few recent drawings from my sketchbook. Click below to check them out.

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I have some exhibition news coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled on this site and my Facebook.